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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Christine Nelson

Second Advisor

Cheryl D. Watkins

Third Advisor

Harrington Gibson


The present study involved an examination of perspectives on offering faith-based support as an option on an individual basis for social and emotional learning (SEL) within a public-school community. The research consisted of a survey of former and current public-school students and parents (N = 26) and a focus group interview of five former and current school administrators to gather their perspectives of their tenure within public schools and the need to provide access to faith-based supports within a public-school community. After analyzing the data, a majority of the survey participants agreed that access to faith-based supports for SEL within a public-school setting with individual consent on an individual basis is needed within the public-school community. Furthermore, the focus group agreed that faith-based supports are needed presently within public-school communities and would have been a welcomed support during their tenures as administrators, current or former. Given the demand for SEL supports, more research is needed to identify, from a cultural and spiritual aspect, the fidelity of providing access to faith-based supports for SEL within a public-school community.

Keywords: public school, support, individual basis, needs, survey participants, access, based, research, spiritual aspect, examination, agreed, fidelity, community, social and emotional learning (SEL), faith, perspective, administrators, school administrators, consent