Lessons From The Learning Pathway: A Journey To Decolonizing Evaluation

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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

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Community Psychology

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Judah Viola

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Brad Olson

Third Advisor

Tiffeny Jimenez


The Learning Pathway was an evaluation learning journey shared among nine African Nova Scotian and Mi'kmaw participants, a Wisdom Circle of African Nova Scotian and Mi’kmaw community leaders who provided guidance and support, a facilitation team that supported the work (with an African Nova Scotian and a Mi'kmaw evaluator and two or three White evaluators) and a provincial government official who champions evaluation and communities.

The purpose of the Learning Pathway was to learn about decolonizing evaluation and support new and emerging evaluators conducting evaluation in ways that reflect community worldviews and values. We wanted to influence the ecosystem in which evaluation takes place in Nova Scotia, so that it can better serve African Nova Scotian and Mi'kmaw communities.

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Learning Pathway - DIssertation Presentation