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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Angela Elkordy

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Dr. Jack Denny

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Dr. Harrington Gibson


The COVID-19 pandemic created significant disruptions to the conventional educational system, necessitating a widespread transition to emergency remote learning modalities by most educators and students. The primary objective of this inquiry was to gain valuable insight into the effects of the rapid innovation that occurred at home and at school throughout this period, with the aim of enhancing and guiding future home–school partnerships. The research questions were designed to explore the perceptions held by both elementary parents and elementary educators on how pandemic remote schooling affected home–school connection and family’s understanding of learning content and process. The study also involved exploring the impact on communication, including communication tools and learning platforms. Data were collected through an educator and a parent survey as well as interviews. Responses were analyzed for common themes and trends that could inform future home–school partnerships. As a result, this research provides key recommendations around the importance of building relationships and centering student growth in the partnership, thereby providing insight into effective collaboration and communication processes, content, and tools moving forward.

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