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Dissertation - Public Access

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Psy.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology

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Dr. Zakowski

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Dr. Olson

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Dr. Harrington


Caregiver burden, often associated with physical, emotional, and financial strain, is a significant concern for family members who are providing care to their loved ones. This study involved exploring the experiences of serving as a caregiver to a family member with dementia to better understand the relationship of collectivistic and individualistic orientations with perceived caregiver burden, while considering the level of social support and dementia severity. The research involved a quantitative approach, administering the Individualism and Collectivism Scale (Cultural Orientation Scale), the Caregiver Burden Inventory, the Functional Rating Scale, the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, and a demographic survey to 102 individuals from online forums and social media groups. Though most cultural orientation subscales showed no significant correlations with caregiver burden, vertical individualism emerged as a predictor of caregiver burden after controlling for dementia severity. This suggests individuals prioritizing personal autonomy and achievement within hierarchical structures may experience increased caregiver burden. Exploratory analyses revealed a statistical interaction between vertical collectivism and social support on caregiver burden. This finding underscores the importance of considering the complex interplay among cultural values, social support, and caregiver burden. Though social support has traditionally been viewed as a protective factor against caregiver burden, results indicated its effects may vary across cultural contexts, highlighting the need for a more nuanced understanding of how cultural factors intersect with social support to shape caregiver experiences. This study contributes to the current literature by helping to identify specific areas in need of future research to address the complexities associated with cultural orientation and caregiver burden.

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