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Statement of Research Problem

It is essential for teacher preparation programs to be able to track teacher candidates’ impact on P-12 student learning in school sites in order to fulfill accreditation requirements and measure candidate and program success. Additionally, it is critical for us to understand how candidates’ opportunities to impact P-12 student learning are influenced by their host school sites, including their classroom cooperating teachers. Therefore, we conducted an exploratory study to collect qualitative input from multiple stakeholders, including teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, and school. The perspectives collected in this study has helped our program, the college, and the outreach office to discern the factors that may prevent or promote field training and teaching effectiveness, and allow us to work collaboratively with partner schools to provide relevant resources and support for our candidates in the area of impacting P-12 learners.

Research Question

What kind of framework, processes and cooperation are needed for schools and colleges of education to track pre-service candidates’ impact on P-12 student learning?