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Document Type

Dissertation - Public Access

Degree Name

Ed.D. Doctor of Education

Academic Discipline

Educational Leadership

First Advisor

James L. Schott Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Carol A. Burg Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Daniel C. Buckman, Ed.D.


As an answer to a missing system of interaction and accountability between College Readiness System (CRS) Staff and school systems across the country, a coaching framework was created. This framework provides a repeatable, consistent model for CRS staff members to use with each school implementing CRS across the nation. This paper outlines the new coaching framework, the need for having a framework and the process for getting all stakeholders to support the new system. This process would be applicable for implementing any type of change within a large non-profit organization. This change leadership project includes ways to get organizations to embrace a new way of work, opportunities for getting internal stakeholders to buy into change, and chances to calibrate systems organization-wide.