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Dissertation - Public Access

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Ed.D. Doctor of Education

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Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Elizabeth Minor

Second Advisor

Sandra Stringer

Third Advisor

Don Angelaccio


This Change Plan paper is the second part of a three-part dissertation on improving the progress monitoring structures to impact student achievement. Progress monitoring is a powerful instructional tool within the instructional cycle to increase student performance. When teachers implement the instructional cycle with fidelity, planning instruction, incorporating research-based practices, assessing instruction, and analyzing data, the use of progress monitoring can shift from a mundane task needing to be completed for the administration, district, and/or state, to an integral component of teaching (Santi & Vaughn, 2007).

Wagner et al’s (2006) As-Is and To-Be charts were used for ABC Elementary School, a pseudonym for a charter school located on the South Side of an urban community in the Midwest, to identify and present the current status and future desired state of the school’s competencies, conditions, culture, and context. As well, this research examined research-based strategies to implement progress-monitoring structures to impact student achievement.