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Table of Contents: The Introduction, The Problem, Who Sets the Standards?, How Wrong Standards are Set Up, Danger of Vague and Varying Standards, When Standards Differ, The Highest Standard, The Growth of Standards, The Discipline of Nature, The Discipline of the Inner Life, The Discipline of the Social World, Value of Confession, Various Forms of Discipline, Arbitrary, or Impulsive Punishment, Retributive, or Revengeful Punishment, Protective, or Legal Punishment, Educative, or Wise Punishment, How to Avoid the Need of Punishment, The Answer Which Time Has Given

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The National Kindergarten College




Child rearing, Punishment, Kindergarten, Elizabeth Harrison, Educational Standards


Education | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


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When Children Err: A Book for Young Mothers

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