This research aimed to determine ethical teacher behaviors according to the opinions of prospective teachers and teachers. In this qualitatively designed study, the phenomenology design was used, and 30 participants were interviewed. Research results showed that the participants understood the responsibilities of teachers, the respect and importance of the teaching profession, effective teaching, developing healthy relationships with school members, and benefiting students and society from teacher's professional ethics. Almost all of the participants stated that the teaching profession should have unique ethical codes for different reasons. Ethical teacher behavior has emerged within the scope of rights and justice, interest and importance to people and the profession, not to harm or benefit, and the boundary of public and private space. Finally, suggestions for improving professional teaching ethics, which can be evaluated in professional, individual, social, organizational, and political contexts, were put forward in the research. It is believed that the research will make a significant contribution to the literature, as it addresses the issue of ethics by taking the views of teachers both prepared for the profession and within the profession, reveals the specific context in Turkey, and reflects descriptions of real-life experiences.



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