This study aims at analysing future expectations of Syrian secondary school students that are living in Turkey. Considering the fact that these students, who constitute the study group in this research, will be the teenage adults of the country in the next ten years, they will significantly affect the future of Syria if they get back to their home country or Turkey if they stay here. Because of this reason, it is of crucial importance to identify the future expectations of these students. The issues that are investigated in this study are migration experiences of Syrian secondary school students, the education they will receive within the scope of their expectations for the next year and for the next ten years, their vocational preferences, the places where they are planning to live, the support and barriers they face while they try to reach their expectations, and the changes that they want to make about their life. The study findings put forward important results that should be considered during the process of planning the education and psycho-social support to be rendered to Syrian secondary school students.



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