Covid-19 pandemic, which broke out in the late 2019 and we are still facing today, has made an enormous impact throughout the world and directly caused an extraordinary disruption of many systems globally including educational ones and affected the lives lots of students and families all over the world. Different kinds of measures were abruptly taken in order to ensure that students, teachers and school principals continued their educational processes safely and also to lessen the crisis situation and chaos. One of these measures was country-wide school closures and along with Turkey, most of the countries chose to close schools and make a quick transition to remote learning. During those weeks, several policy responses aimed at making sure that students attended online classes regularly and that they felt well. In the meantime, diverse stakeholders of educational systems (students, teachers, educational leaders etc.) have learned some lessons from this terrifying pandemic. The purpose of this study is to emphasize the learnings that Turkish school principals experienced during that school closure period in Turkey. Within the scope of maximum diversity sampling, one of the purposeful sampling methods, a sampling frame was established and 105 school principals working in primary, secondary and high schools in different provinces participated in the study. In the study, in which qualitative online survey method was used, a Google drive form with open-ended questions was exploited. Based on the findings obtained in the study, main themes have been created. These are personal, organizational and educational learnings.



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