The purpose of this study is to investigate pre-service science teachers’ favorite scientists. This study was conducted according to a screening model. The study group consisted of 199 volunteer pre-service teachers who were attending in the Science Education Department at a state university in Turkey. Of the total pre-service science teachers, 56 were first grade, 57 second grade, 55 third grade, 31 fourth grade, 172 female, and 27 male. In the study, I asked, “Who is your favorite scientist? Why? Please, write your reason.” and pre-service science teachers wrote their favorite scientist with reasons. Data obtained was analyzed by using content analysis method. As a result of the research, it was seen that pre-service science teachers wrote 28 different scientists. Eight scientists were Turkish-Islamic and 20 were foreign. 27 scientists were male, one was female. Six female pre-service science teachers wrote Marie Curie as their favorite scientist. Pre-service science teachers’ favorite scientists were mostly foreign both at grade levels and in general total. The most written favorite scientists were Aziz Sancar, Ibn-i Sina, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla.



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