The purpose of this qualitative, semi-structured interview study was to explore the role of a reading interventionist within an elementary school setting to help bring increased clarity to the responsibilities of a reading interventionist. Research questions focused on the role and impact reading interventionists when working with developing readers at the elementary level. Twelve reading interventionists from around the United States were chosen to participate in the interview. Multiple data sources were used including audio recordings transcribed, follow-up questions, and memos. Elementary schools have implemented a Response to Intervention model where reading interventionists focused on Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. They had multiple duties and responsibilities within the school, including working with all school personnel and providing data sources to drive intervention. Limitations included all female interviewees and limited participants due to emotionally and physically demanding times in teaching. This study recommends that administrators acknowledge the heavy workload that is expected of reading interventionists and provide proper training needed to adequately support students and staff.



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