I undertook this inquiry into action research while teaching research methods within a graduate degree teacher education program. This inquiry represents my initial encounter with action research and describes the tools, challenges, and uncertainties that I encountered while teaching and doing action research for the first-time. The main purpose of this inquiry was to make research-based decisions about the value of action research: whether it was worthy to employ within a graduate degree program. Thus, I conducted the current inquiry to be able to make claims about (1) the rigor of the action research in relation to the traditional approaches to research and (2) meaningfulness of action research in terms of producing both action and research outcomes for teacher practitioners. I learned that action has yet to gain respect and recognition for improving the professional lives of teachers in the field of education. Action research has a unique place in the family of research methods, for it produces both research and action-oriented outcomes at the same time. In brief, I argue that action research is as rigorous and meaningful as the improvements teachers make in their practices within their contexts.



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