Growing numbers of English learners (National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition, 2010) suggest the critical need for effective research-based interventions to support them. Interventions that are designed to help English learners make reading-writing connections are more likely to capitalize on the reciprocal nature of both reading and writing (Tierney & Pearson, 1983) and accelerate literacy development (Clay, 1998). Our teacher research investigation suggests that instructional models that strengthen language and literacy processes through scaffolding and mediational approaches such as read-alouds, shared reading and writing, interactive writing, and individual guided writing show promise in supporting the literacy progress of young English learners. In this collaborative practitioner investigation, second-grade English learners received literacy instruction in an ESOL pull-out program two days per week. In six weeks, these learners demonstrated growth in reading levels, phonemic awareness, and orthographic awareness as indicated in pre- and post-test assessments. The findings suggest long-range investigation of this intervention model is warranted.



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