Engineering design, a framework for studying and solving societal problems, is a key component of STEM education. It is also the area of greatest challenge within the Next Generation Science Standards, NGSS. Many teachers feel underprepared to teach or create activities that feature engineering design, and integrating a lesson plan of core content with an engineering design perspective can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, engineering design can be a useful tool in building students’ confidence in science, engaging students in science classes, building relationships with the community, and empowering under-represented groups.

The problem-solving approach of engineering design can become a template for how a teacher creates new engineering design activities. Engineering design is an ally to the teacher framing the process so that a teacher can creatively and collaboratively find innovative ways to reach and teach their students. The Engineering Design Wheel for Teachers can help teachers to get organized, and the Engineering Design Quality Framework can help a teacher to self-assess the newly created activity.



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