This qualitative research study employs a teacher action research methodology to study how a teacher develops and implements a critical race pedagogy (CRP) curriculum. CRP pairs the liberatory practices of critical pedagogy (Friere, 1970), such a problem-posing classroom and praxis, with the maxims of critical race theory (Delgado & Stefancic, 2000). Situated in a high school teacher pipeline program, this study details how a teacher-researcher developed a curriculum focused on teaching about racial injustice and educational inequality to a group of minoritized youth interested in the teaching profession. The research outlines key levers in her classroom, such as building a classroom community, selecting a range of critical texts, and harnessing dialogue to co-construct knowledge. The author also reflects on challenges that surfaced when moving from theory to practice, such as democratizing the classroom and the unfinished nature on becoming, and offers insights that contribute to the field of teachers-researchers interested in bolstering young people’s racial consciousness in schools.



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