This study describes four successful collaborative action research (CAR) projects through the lens of teacher leaders who facilitated the CAR. For each CAR project described, the study reports on the relationship of the teacher leader with team members, various phases of CAR, the challenges of implementation and how those challenges were addressed, and results of the action research. Additionally, the study identifies several common characteristics of the widely varied CAR projects. All of the teacher leaders relied on positive relationships with teachers to enlist them into the CAR and keep it going. The CAR teams gathered a variety of data throughout their action research, to assess needs, monitor progress, and determine outcomes. The four CAR projects all included embedded professional development and opportunities for teacher reflection. The teacher leaders gathered feedback from the participating teachers throughout the implementation of the CAR. All of the CAR projects encountered barriers that caused the teachers stress and threatened to curtail the projects; however the teacher leaders were able to navigate those barriers by displaying flexibility and modifying the CAR. All of the CAR projects yielded positive outcomes, and in each case the participants agreed to continue the CAR the following school year.



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