The current study reports on findings of using self-narrations by three teacher-researchers, (two of whom are the authors and the narrative inquirers of this study) to reflect on an English as a Foreign Language -based research experience in a newly established Research Committee (RC) in their work place. Narrative frame tool in the form of sentence starters has been utilized to guide the narration and generate data from the three teachers’ previously lived research experiences in the Committee. It is worth noting here that these three teachers had been working and actively engaging in research work before they had their memberships in the RC. Findings of this study are hoped to be significant and useful in learning about and highlighting the expectations of these three teacher-researchers of the research committee work, their learning experiences about research, their challenges and how they defeated them plus their future inspirations. Further, reflecting on these findings can also help the trio with their professional development and growth as well as the ones of their colleagues at the Centre for Preparatory Studies (CPS) that was formerly known as the Language Centre (LC) at the time of their memberships. The study concludes with some pedagogical and practical implications regarding the experience of reflection, narration and learning research.



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