Broad questions circulate in and around the value of teacher education as a professional field, making for a discursive space that is both fascinating and frustrating and entirely relevant for curriculum study. Emergent education reforms portend significant curricular changes for students in PK-20 schools across the USA. In response to policy issues, the curricular changes called for in Teaching core practices in teacher education (2018) edited by Pamela Grossman are not easily reduced to the interests of political parties or disciplinary camps, although different sides continue to form and align around pieces of the teacher education puzzle. Suffice it to say that irrespective of the interest groups involved in education reform and curriculum development, a comprehensive analysis of where teacher education is heading is well past due. A genuinely criticalpolicy analysisis needed, one that does not gloss over the subject, or assail a particular interest group as if it were the sole source of the conflict. Rather a critical policy analysis would take seriously into consideration the details of the education reforms and imagine a multitude of different interests being involved in the reform articulation.



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