The purpose of this study is to understand how language arts and literacy teachers of South Korea and the United States of America (USA) perceive the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL), and in what ways these teachers support the development of students’ social and emotional skills. As a comparative inquiry, the study explores teacher perceptions and practices regarding an integrated approach of SEL and literacy instruction. Language arts and literacy teachers were recruited to participate in the survey. The findings show that the participants valued the use of SEL strategies and activities to support students’ social and emotional development. Specifically, the participants responded they incorporate academic and nonacademic strategies for students to practice social-emotional skills in a classroom. Although specific SEL strategies vary, teachers in both countries agree on the importance of SEL and appraise its positive impacts on students and the classroom environment. This study is meaningful to inform future research efforts that explore an integrated approach of SEL and literacy from a cross-cultural perspective.



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