This mixed methods study investigated teacher perceptions of the relationship between school leader visibility and teacher trust in that leader in two private Christian elementary and secondary schools of less than 1,000 students in California. A review of current available literature on this topic revealed three key themes: the positive effect a trusted leader has on an organization and school, the positive effect leader visibility has on building trust in leader-follower relationships, and the need for frequency and quality of leader visibility to build trust. In this study, three key themes emerged from an original survey and one-on-one, in-depth teacher interviews, which supported prior study findings and provided further insight. The three themes identified in this study include a strong relationship between leader visibility and teacher trust in that leader, teachers’ desire for frequent visibility of their school leader, and teachers’ emphasis on the critical role of high-quality visibility in increasing trust in their leader. Christian school leaders should maintain frequent, high-quality visibility in both unscheduled, informal and scheduled, formal interactions to cultivate trust and build relationships with teachers that furthers the success of their educational institution and its stakeholders.



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