This article is a reflection on my personal experience as a practitioner in the field of educational leadership when resistance resulted from restructuring the dismissal procedure in my school. This reflection is primarily drawing upon the four-frame approach of Bolman and Deal (2017) in their book, Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership. The article explores the full description of the case, an analysis focused on me and my understanding of the case, and a reframing process based on the premise Bolman and Deal offer in their book. Throughout my self-reflection on this case, I develop options that add choice to the framework, which can be applied when reframing is required for a similar educational organization. When examining the prevailing resistance toward restructuring the dismissal plan, my focus falls primarily on three frames that I consider in this article. First, there is the structural frame, which includes a sharp vision and significance of goals, roles, formal relationships, and rationality. Second, there is the symbolic frame, which often conveys the symbols, rituals, and ceremonies that create meaning and belief. Third, the political frame discusses power, conflict, networks, and building coalitions. The analysis reveals there is no one answer to a specific problem. Accordingly, the article urges organizational leaders to apply a comprehensive perspective as a key strategy to avoid failure when responding to a single problem.



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