A year-long inquiry was conducted in response to the following questions: How does the relationship and teaching practice of a new co-teaching partnership evolve throughout the course of a school year? How can a consultant support the work of a new co-teaching partnership? The work of a general education and special education teacher in their first year of co-teaching in a fourth grade inclusive classroom in an urban public school is described. Utilizing a collaborative consultation model, efforts to support the work of the co-teaching partnership were documented. Data collected and analyzed included: results of self-assessment surveys, audio-recordings of bi-weekly meetings, anecdotal impressions of meetings, and descriptive notes of classroom observations. This fourth grade team developed a productive co-teaching partnership. They forged a professional relationship while they honed their collaborative instructional practices. Resources that proved useful in this inquiry study as well as a broader review of the literature are included for teachers, mentors, and administrators interested in the work of co-teaching.



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