For English as Foreign Language learners (EFL), fluency is one of the most difficult aspects to develop within the speaking skill. The Chilean teaching context has witnessed a gradual shift from the more traditional grammar-translation approach to a more communicative one, so it has become necessary to discover new strategies to develop students’ speaking skills. This action research was conducted in a technical university in Chile and it investigated how the use of the 3/2/1 technique influenced students’ speaking fluency. The data was collected under a quantitative and qualitative design; the quantitative data was taken from audio recordings which were transcribed and then compared the words per minute and length of pauses in the speech. A semi structure interview was conducted in order to gather student perceptions concerning the 3/2/1 technique. The results of the study indicate that after the implementation of the technique there was a small improvement in the students’ speech in terms of words per minute and the pauses made in their speech. The interview showed that 67% of the students recommended the use of the technique because it was useful for their development of fluency. However 33% of the interviewed students said the technique was not useful and they did not recommend its use in classes.



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